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how to beat half cash btd6

Unleash Your Strategy: How to Beat Half Cash BTD6

Are you ready to take on the challenge of beating the Half Cash mode in Bloons Tower Defense 6 (BTD6)? This mode puts a twist on the classic game by limiting your starting cash and making it much harder to progress.

But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through effective strategies and tips to come out victorious. No more frustrating defeats, only sweet triumphs!

Half Cash Mode

Half Cash mode, as the name suggests, significantly reduces the starting amount of cash you receive at the beginning of a round. Instead of the usual bounty, you’ll only receive half the cash, making it a test of your resource management skills.

Before diving into strategies, it’s essential to grasp the unique challenges this mode presents.

Pro tip

Stay calm and patient. Half Cash mode requires careful planning and strategic decision-making. Don’t rush; precision and efficiency are key.

Efficient Placement of Towers

To succeed in Half Cash mode, you need to make the most out of every dollar. Invest in towers that offer the best value for money, while also effectively countering different bloon types. Here are some tips for tower placement:

a) Dart Monkeys

  • Start with a Dart Monkey to deal with the initial waves of bloons.
  • Upgrade your Dart Monkey with ‘Long Range Darts’ for improved accuracy and reach.
  • Position Dart Monkeys strategically near bends or intersections to maximize their impact.

b) Tack Shooters

  • Tack Shooters are excellent crowd-control towers that can handle dense bloon clusters.
  • Upgrade your Tack Shooter with ‘Faster Shooting’ to increase its efficiency.
  • Place Tack Shooters near curved paths or locations where bloons tend to cluster together.

c) Bomb Shooters

  • Bomb Shooters excel at taking down multiple layers of bloons with their explosive attacks.
  • Upgrade your Bomb Shooter with ‘Bigger Bombs’ and ‘Faster Reload’ to enhance its destructive power.
  • Position Bomb Shooters strategically to cover a wide area and hit bloons before they reach critical points.

d) Monkey Buccaneers

  • Monkey Buccaneers are versatile towers that can attack both land and air units.
  • Upgrade your Monkey Buccaneers with ‘Crow’s Nest’ to increase their range.
  • Place Monkey Buccaneers near water sources to maximize their efficiency.

Pro tip

Experiment with different tower combinations and placements to find the strategy that works best for you. There’s no single “right” answer, so be creative!

Utilize Monkey Knowledge and Upgrades

In BTD6, Monkey Knowledge and tower upgrades play a crucial role in overcoming challenging game modes. Here are some notable upgrades to consider when playing Half Cash mode:

a) Primary Monkeys

  • Primary Expertise: Allows primary monkeys to shoot twice as fast.
  • Monkey Village: Provides valuable buffs to nearby towers, enhancing their overall performance.
  • Pat Fusty: A powerful hero character who excels in crowd control.

b) Military Monkeys

  • Monkey Sub: A reliable tower that can attack both land and air units.
  • Apache Prime: Unleashes a devastating wave of attacks against bloons.

c) Magic Monkeys

  • Archmage: An incredibly powerful wizard that deals immense damage to bloons.
  • True Sun God: Transforms into a superpowered tower capable of obliterating any bloon that crosses its path.

d) Support Monkeys

  • Monkey Intelligence Bureau: Reveals camo bloons and grants additional attack speed.
  • Monkey Village: Unlocks powerful upgrade paths for adjacent towers.

Pro tip

Investing in the right Monkey Knowledge upgrades and tower enhancements can significantly boost your chances of success. Plan your upgrades wisely!


Beating the Half Cash mode in BTD6 is no easy feat, but with the right strategies and smart tower placements, victory can be within your reach.

Remember the importance of efficient resource management, experiment with different tower combinations, and make the best use of Monkey Knowledge upgrades. So gear up, sharpen your skills, and prepare for the challenge. It’s time to conquer Half Cash mode and become a true Bloons Tower Defense 6 champion!