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how to turn screenshot into pdf

How to Turn Screenshot Into PDF

In this digital age, screenshots have become an essential part of our communication. Whether it’s capturing a funny meme or preserving crucial information, screenshots are our go-to tool. But what happens when you need to convert these snapshots into a more shareable and printable format? Enter the world of turning screenshots into PDFs! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the simple yet powerful methods to convert your screenshots into PDFs effortlessly.

Why Convert Screenshots to PDFs?

1. Accessibility and Shareability

When you convert screenshots into PDFs, you’re transforming them into a universally accessible format. This makes sharing information across various devices and platforms a breeze.

2. Document Preservation

PDFs maintain the integrity of your screenshots. They prevent any alterations while ensuring the quality remains intact, making them perfect for archiving important visual content.

Tools for Converting Screenshots to PDFs

1. Using Built-in Tools (Windows and Mac)


  1. Capture the screenshot using the “Snipping Tool” or “Snip & Sketch.”
  2. Open the screenshot and click on “File.”
  3. Select “Print” and choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer.
  4. Save the file in PDF format.


  1. Capture the screenshot using keyboard shortcuts (Command + Shift + 4).
  2. Open the screenshot preview and click on “File.”
  3. Choose “Export as PDF” to save the screenshot in PDF format.

2. Third-Party Applications

There are numerous third-party applications available for converting screenshots to PDFs, such as Adobe Acrobat, Snagit, or Lightshot. These tools offer additional features for editing and organizing your PDFs efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert Screenshots to PDFs

1. Capture the Screenshot

Using the method that suits your device—be it keyboard shortcuts, built-in tools, or third-party apps—capture the content you wish to convert into a PDF.

2. Open the Screenshot

Locate and open the captured screenshot on your device.

3. Convert to PDF

Using Built-in Tools:

  • For Windows users, follow the steps mentioned earlier.
  • Mac users can export the screenshot as a PDF directly from the preview.

Third-Party Apps:

  • Open the third-party app and import the screenshot.
  • Look for the option to save or export the file as a PDF.

4. Save the PDF

Choose the destination folder and give your PDF a relevant name. Click “Save” or “Export” to complete the process.

Tips for Optimizing PDFs from Screenshots

1. Edit and Annotate

Take advantage of PDF editing tools to add annotations, highlights, or text to your screenshots turned PDFs. This enhances clarity and understanding for your audience.

2. Compression

Consider compressing the PDF if the file size is too large. This helps in easier sharing and storage without compromising on quality.


Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the secret to effortlessly transforming your screenshots into PDFs. Whether it’s for work, study, or sharing with friends, this skill will undoubtedly make your digital life more convenient. Experiment with different methods, explore various tools, and let the magic of PDFs amplify the impact of your visual content!